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As Seen On Tv Products-Infomercial Items

Here is a great definition for As seen on TV is a nameplate for products advertised on television in the United States for direct-response mail-order through a toll-free telephone number. Typically the packaging for these items includes a standardized red seal in the shape of a CRT television screen with the words "AS SEEN ON TV" in white, an intentional allusion to the logo of the ubiquitous TV Guide magazine. The pervasive presence of "as seen on TV" products is the subject for much comedy on TV, often exaggerating the typical pitches of "as seen on TV" products.

As Seen On TV Products is a generic name attached to items that are advertised on television – either in 30 minute infomercial spots or during commercial breaks. These products can range from kitchen, household, automotive, cleaning, health, and beauty products, to exercise & fitness products, books, or to toys and games for children.